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Become Voice of RTF Podcasts

We’ve received immense support and appreciation from y’all for which we’re eternally grateful! And now we’re here bringing you an opportunity to be the voice of RTF through ourPodcast Voiceover Programme.

You’ll be working closely with the in-house team to create the Voiceovers for the written scripts provided to you.It’s your chance to become the voice of the RTF and get paid for it!We need your help to achieve this goal, and we know we can count on you!

You’ll be spreading the word about RTF & our various initiatives and programmes. If you’re interested in working with us as an RTF team member, then keep reading. Many surprises are on the way!

Roles & Responsibilities

Turning Scripts into Voice

You’ll be the voice of RTF Podcasts.You’ll be provided with the scripts and you can record at your comfortable time and send us back on scheduled dates.

Good Mic at your place

A good mic is essential to record a clean voice over. Since it’s a work from home offer, we expect you to have the right mic for the recording purpose.

Coordinating with Editorial and Production team at RTF

You’ll be continuously coordinating with the Editorial team, who’ll be providing you with the scripts and the production team, who’ll be working on your voiceovers to make them ready for the listeners.

Perks of being the Voiceover of RTF Podcasts


You’ll be receiving a decent stipend for producing voiceovers for RTF.


You’ll be provided with the Certificate when your engagement with RTF ends.(minimum 3 months).

Member of RTF Team

You will gain deep insight about the workings of a leading media house as member of the team!

About You

You are an excellent communicator.

You can engage an audience. You have opinions and You have a Voice!Then look nowhere, we’re here for you!Clear and effective communication is essential to being successful at RTF.

You have fresh ideas and you’re willing to share them.

We don’t know it all, and we actively want to hear fresh ideas and perspectives that we haven’t considered.

You’re fun loving!

You’re creative, enthusiastic, self-motivated and fun loving. You love to be a leader, an initiator and take risks.

We’re always looking for weird, smart, and independent thinkers to join the team.

It seems you are interested, how about filling this form quickly and be part of our widespread team.

Record a voiceover for the following paragraph, and submit the following application form:

“Most of the time people think that site analysis is just an auxiliary thing. Students usually do site analysis, only because it is a mandatory part of their submission. But you must realise, site analysis is very important and it will pave the way for your design. It is very necessary to understand all aspects of your site before starting with the design. A thorough site analysis will also help in making your thesis more realistic and researched to the juror and will also be helpful if you plan on taking it forward even after you have graduated.
It will not only prepare you in terms of practicality, but also educate you with the tools that are used for mapping.

So, What Is Site Analysis? Let’s go into its depth.
Site analysis means a thorough study of the site and all its aspects. Along with the site, you should also do a brief analysis of the Context. For an example, if your site is situated in a village or a town, it is imperative to know the Evolution of the village, its Culture and Traditions, Land Use pattern, Road Networks, Occupations, Building Typologies, Local materials, and Demographic study. To analyse your site, you must define your Site Boundary first and then justify why you have chosen that portion.
The most vital part of site mapping is a Base Map. Base map is the main outline and the contents of the natural appearance of the site. In urban projects, the base map includes all the built-up as it is present in the urban precinct. There are several types of base maps, like,Municipal or General Base Map, Urban Base Map, Base Maps for other Built-up Areas, and Vicinity Map.

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