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One of AECOM’s well-famous tasks is a recreational area in Education City on the edges ofQatar’scapital,Doha. Implicit the year 2019, it waits for around 130000 sq.m, and the site is an immense closer view for AECOM’s scene wonder, giving the schooling City grounds in Doha a ‘green lung’. The entire zone seems to be a few Formula One race tracks hacking around and with the presence of cooking burrows in the underground walkways makes a superb sensational impact that is likewise satisfying to the eye. The recreation area has two “zones” – the Western side for sports (counting multi-use pitches and a semi-shrouded running track), and the Eastern for diversion (counting a “youngsters’ jungle gym, an amphitheater, and individual nurseries”). The recreation area likewise incorporates a few water highlights and unmistakable “swell lights”. The Qatar Foundation appointed AECOM to plan the recreation area, under Erik Behrens and James Haig Streeter as Architecture, andLandscape DesignLead separately.

Looking to the Qatari natural landscape for clues was critical. ‘We drew our inspiration from the wind-eroded rocks and fluid land formations in Qatar,’ says Behrens. ‘Oxygen Park is designed to convey a beautiful and fluid surface; its undulations enable it to flow effortlessly as ground, roof, wall, and ceiling.’

The oxygen park by Aecom - Sheet1
Ariel View_©Markus Elblaus
The oxygen park by Aecom - Sheet2

Taking the natural life-power of oxygen as its motivation, Oxygen Park is a novel public space intended for wellbeing and prosperity in a desert climate. It has been made given the nearby local area, giving an open space in which to exercise, rest, and play. Oxygen Park is roused by the breeze dissolved rocks and liquid land developments of the desert. The way and running tracks are implanted in the geology to make a thrilling preparation ground with circling tracks, cooled burrow fragments, and steep slopes. The evening time lighting plan and reviving water highlights give an alluring setting to night sports exercises and individual exercises during cooler hours of the day.

The oxygen park by Aecom - Sheet3
Cooled Burrow_©Markus Elblaus

Amongst the busy lives and the desert gear, this park is a perfect place to vent and relax for the local community. With more than 100 plant species with a majority of indigenous and desert adaptive planting. The park is home to 4 folly buildings, sports pitches, an equestrian track, 1600m running track, covered walkway, 7000m of the pathway, and an impressive 130000 sq.m of green space. It is gotten to through the Tram System and the grounds wide cycle and strolling courses. The recreation area’s sensational, wind-etched scene was established with the sweltering and dryenvironmentof the nation and its cooling breezes as a primary concern. Respecting the nearby scene is central to, and is clear across, every part of the recreation area’s plan.

The oxygen park by Aecom - Sheet4
Running Tracks_©Markus Elblaus

For instance, the recreation area’s geography was computer modeled to display the expanded inactive cooling from the overarching winds and make a concealed walkway with cooling burrow fragments. Similarly, as with traditionalArabianGulf wind towers, theavailable breeze is channeled through the wind passages carved in between the gardens to provide natural ventilation. The undulating geography with its slopes and swales makes areas of strength for a system for different implanted automatic exercises related to dynamic circling running tracks.

The oxygen park by Aecom - Sheet5
Site Plan_©Archdaily

The buff-shaded hardscape materials were decided to be thoughtful to the Qatari local scene and to limit the glare and intensity of island impacts. The bending pathways are developed in cultivated cement to give even, vigorous and constant surfaces for sports exercises. A covered walkway is framed from enormous C-molded supported substantial ribs that are put along one side of the tracks. They are established on a consistent pontoon establishment that bears on the limestone development underneath the recreation area. Roused by wind-blowndesertrock developments, the soffit and walls are clad with normal stone to make a solid seeming structure.

Night Time at Oxygen Park_©Markus Elblaus

The most astounding thing is that section to Oxygen Park is liberated from cost. The night lighting plan and resuscitating water features give an engaging setting to night sports activities and individual activities during cooler hours of the day. The ‘swell lights’ floating over the underground grounds make the diversion region observable from a far distance and add a smidgen of wizardry to the setting. Oxygen Park is a man-made ‘green lung’ with an arrangement invigorated generally. Notwithstanding openworkplaces此外要求四个不同德、氧气公园signs as cool rest areas and homerooms for teaching and learning works out. The fourth is formed by a developed significant development ‘planted’ on the slant and covered with a cantilevered green housetop to help warm mass and lessen daylight based heat. Post-Covid pandemic effect people across the world started recognizing the requirement for having normal oxygen parks which can meet the essential of oxygen for people in the region.

这是一个比普通boondo厚更温和cks district of a couple of trees laid out considering the oxygen surge level and need of the region considering people


  • Finalist:World Architecture Festival(2017)
  • Silver:International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities(IAKS) (2019)
  • 受欢迎的选择:ArchitizerA+Awards, in the category “Landscape & Planning, Public Park” (2019)
  • Silver:International Design Awards, in the category “Architecture, Landscape” (2020)

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